Sunday, 2 January 2011

2011 Graffiti Calender - 12 The Work of Graffiti in Monthly Album

2011 Graffiti
The year 2010 had passed a few hours ago, and now in 2011 has come with the nuances and new dreams. Goals, ideals and new spirit to realize the dreams that have not been achieved. IN 2011, this then everyone will need a new calendar, which the old calendar (2010) will be thrown. So in this new year, graffiti wrap his best work in calendar 2011, where in each month is the best picture of the street graffiti artist. It's quite a subtle collection of images with not too much overly bright color image EACH Throughout the which I am hoping will of make it look a bit different from the other graffiti calenders out there!

2011 Graffiti
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