Monday, 7 March 2011

Illustration of Funny Cartoon Animals

Summer moved on and it’s getting hotter day to day! Just dream about fresh dew and bright rainbow with this great summer wallpaper with Illustration of Funny Cartoon Animals.

Wallpaper with Funny Cartoon Animals

Or take a bicycle ride with your sweetheart. Explore the fresh city streets on this bike that’s moving on the wings of love. In case you don’t find a bicycle like this in shop near you – feel free to present this wallpaper to your girlfriend. Trust me, she will be happy to see this Sweetheart Wallpaper (based on a Loving Couple Illustration) on her desktop.

Wallpaper with Funny Cartoon Animals

Or say “enough of the work under in this heat!” and move to the nearest park and this Multi-Armed Robot help you to arrange comfortable working place out from the stuffy office.


These funny colorful rabbits look really angry, I guess they’ve got no air conditioner in their plastic forest :) Anyways this 3D wallpaper based on 3D Model of the Rabbits will be nice decoration of your working place.


Another impressive 3D wallpaper based upon a 3D Model of a Black Spider Robot and White and Black Humanoid 3D Model are illustrated in dark room without any sun presence. Feel the coolness now?


This conceptual wallpaper presenting three futuristic device based robots made in sketch style will not help you fight the heat but it will surely satisfy your needs in beautiful designed wallpaper.


I hope this little review helped you fight again the summer heat. even if not – I’m still sure sure you have found new stunning wallpapers for your desktop. Don’t forget to register before you actually download them! Have a cool day! :)

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