Sunday, 6 March 2011

iT wAs yOu

WHen foR thE first time around i met u i aLwayS was tHinkIng there iS smtHing wHich i NeEd.Just cldnt get it clear tht wat it was or maybe a lil afraid to knw;though it was always a very nice feeling whenver i seen u on or talked to u,it always felt so comfortable with tht sweet smile on ur face.Like i always needed u;nd when i finally started to get to knw tht y its so good to talk to u,when u said "hilo" everytime.Cuz smwhere deep inside i was starting to be in u.
         I always thought no mAybe it is jst nthing.Maybe only a momentry attraction.But very soon i was starting to be worried abt smthing.I started to miss smone all the time.tHt feeling i jst cldnt hold iT.Dont knw wt makes mE feel tht but vEry sOon i knew tht it was YOU.It took me time to get to know this and after tht it kept growin everyday.
        I started to get jealous when i saw people flirtin to you.I was even Jealous when u Used tO say hey He is here... I say Who? nd the ans was:mY bF na!.I always pretended to b so happy.But always ended up in hurting myslef.Still it wasnt was a sadness or smthing;cz i found u happy Nd fOr sm reasons ur tht smile tht hAppinEss bEcame My everythinG.
        Smthing was happening to mE nd This was killing me,,bt sTill was smiling to c U SMile cz really whenever u Smile tht is the most beautiful moment i have.I started to feel lonely when u were not there to talk.I started to need u too much.But i cldnt say it;not even totaly hide it,when i talk to u frm very start its like i loose my control.i cant think i dnt knw wt m i writing its like i write wtever cms in my heart.i jst want u to knw tht hOw mUch I loVe yOu.

Its sTill likE a MirAcle To mE thAt I gEt to be yOur Love.Smtimes its still hArd to Believe that She iS mine,tht pretty girl wd tht chO cute smile on her face..she Is mine all mine.

       Maybe smtimes i act like a fOOl bt smtimes i jst cldnt sleep being afraid wt if its Only a no i cant loose u..i cant even bE without u.To be tRue i never found A girl liKE u.I always was aware tht i was no match for her,so cldnt even dare to ask;Or maybe i didnt even expected love frm u..i was jst- God hw did U created suCh a GiRl.Thnx Alot tht i get to b Her friend.

        Even though i dnt knw wt m I writing Here but stIll i wanna say U  Thanx RheA... Thanx Alot To bE in My lIfe.I love you.I reallY Do.

Smtimes She asks me tht:ASH wt if smday u feel tht it was a jst a lil time attraction nthing more than tht..tHAn??? I really wanna cRy Tht tiMe ThinkiN how cOuld U say tht...i feel God i wish i m with her than i wiLL show her Hw much i love her..
than again she says wt if i Die??than? she really want me cry smtimes ha...than again she says if u go to other girl after i die i have no prob..i jst will be happy to c u happy ASh!!
saying those words she cldnt even be without she says tht... 
 stupid.. feel like Kiss U tight nd say..wt u think ha?
u thInk u can get Rid of me tht easy?? i wont Be anywhere without u HonEy..i wanna be with u,,,Forever,,nd I promISs u It will never End,,nd than see u cRying i want to hold u in m arms,,,God i love tht Girl na!

Smtimes its really hard to tHink that i am far away frm you bt..
I mAy nOt get to see you as often as I like. I may not get to hOld you in my arms all throuGh the night. But deep in my heart I truly know, you're the One that I LOve and I can't let you gO.

sm says itS hard to be iN love nd others says Its to be true I didnt Even knew WHEN DID I FALL FOR YOU.
I lOve YOu Honey Jst Be mine Forever...


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